Friday, February 10, 2012

The Pokemon Generation

Totodile Pokemon character

My dragon plush bears an uncanny resemblance to the above Totodile Pokemon character.
Today was the last session of the teen workshop to make a Chinese dragon plush, and the teens schooled me on the fine subtleties of Pokemon characters. They kept mentioning how they were going to turn their plush into Totodiles, and I really thought they were speaking another language, until they showed me the Totodile character, and I gasped at how it was almost an exact replica of my dragon character that I designed without ever knowing about or looking at a Totodile ever before! The funny thing was that I was going to add a yellow belly to mine, and the Totodile has a yellow belly! I don't know whether I should be pleased that I'm on the same wavelength as the Pokemon generation or a little troubled. But no wonder there was an inordinate number of boys compared to girls there....usually there are all girls in my workshops, but this time there were just as many boys as girls! They did really well, too. Next workshop will be June 28....get ready for some cute zombie plush dolls!

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