Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Heart Kokeshi's!

Little Hina kokeshi doll pendant 
If you knew me, you'd know that I absolutely ADORE kokeshi's!! When the Japanese American National Museum had their Kokeshi exhibit some time ago, I was so in love with all the kokeshi's, both new and vintage, and my heart was aching to make some of my own. So I did some handpainted versions on wood, a couple of which sold on etsy, but I was really wanting to hand craft my own shapes instead of using the premade wood forms that you can get at the craft store. What a state of complete happiness I was in when I finally found a medium that I could hand carve my own little miniature kokeshi doll without going near a power tool! (I have a slight phobia of power tools.) Here's my version of a kokeshi doll, in miniature and with a cute umbrella! I love her. (Sigh!) Hope you love her too. She's a little bit modern, a little bit vintage, and all kawaii lovely. If I had a little girl I'd give this to her.

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