Saturday, November 29, 2014

I Heart Holiday String Dolls!

Room 13 at Eliot Arts school String Dolls - made by students!

Holiday gift tags, pine cone ornaments, and string dolls at Hoopla, made by Room 13 Eliot students and Artist-in-Residence.

I've been enjoying my time as an Artist-in-Residence at Room 13 art studio at Eliot Arts, and it's truly been a blessing to work with so many kids and to see how art really brightens up their world. I've been teaching the middle school students how to make String Dolls. And this is what they've come up with! Aren't they lovely? Just adorable for the holidays! They came up with their own characters, and they're all too cute! So proud of them. And for today's Small Business Saturday, they'll be featured at Hoopla, a handmade gift shop in Altadena, so if you're in the area, check them out! Hoopla is giving Room 13 15% of their profits today, plus you can buy the kids' string dolls in the shop, and you can get one of these cute gift tags or christmas pine cone ornament with your purchase as a Thank You for your support of Room 13 (designed by yours truly) - Yay!

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