Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dos Fawns Fantasmas

Dos Fawns Fantasmas, 16" tall  soft sculpture | vintage leather, lace, velvet
Two of a kind, these are Dos Fawns Fantasmas, or Phantom Fawns, Red and Black. The material is the message for these two deer. They're made from upcycled found vintage leather jackets which reinforces the idea of these "ghost" fawns--- the idea of life after death, or giving the leather a second life, in a matter of speaking. The use of leather to create these creatures, is also interesting to me--the fact that a cow gave its life for this material to be used to create other animals.

I loved working with the leather on these, especially the black fawn, whose leather body is so soft and buttery and quite supple to the touch. Deciding to make them larger than my usual deer, standing 16" tall, they make quite a lovely pair. You can see them at FOE Gallery in Northampton, MA.

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