Thursday, July 5, 2012

Zombie making workshop

I chose to make the monkey!

good times.

Don't be scared! I'm only a plush zombie!

Cutest Zombie Monkey Ever!

Cutest Collection of Plush

Cutest Zombie Bear Ever!

Fastest sewer with the tiniest neatest stitches...she's got skills!

A pro hard at work.
Their mission, should they have chosen to accept, was to make an adorable zombie in 2 hours or less. Mission accomplished, for the most part...many of my regulars came and they had no problem tackling this new plush project and finishing up with time to spare! The tough part for them was deciding which plush to do....zombie bear or zombie monkey....very very tough decision. This month's workshop was part of the teen summer reading program...Thank you Deb and Adriana for inviting me and for putting on the coolest of teen programs in Los Angeles!!

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