Monday, October 31, 2011

New Mekanikku Jewelry Coming Soon!

The Kawaiiology Collection by mekanikku
Very excited to be announcing a new jewelry line, The Kawaiiology Collection, coming out within a few weeks. All handmade, all precious metals, and with a very kawaii meets edgy fashion point of view, based on my illustrations. These mini-sculptures have taken on a life of their own in my little studio, grown out of a need to create cute but cool fine jewelry that I could see myself or friends wearing. Each piece is pain-stakingly carved then cast and polished, and the result is a perfectly imperfect work of wearable art. The process makes each piece of jewelry one of a kind, with slight discrepancies between each piece, which makes me being a perfectionist crazy, but I've learned to appreciate each piece as very individual with its own personality, and it's all part of the beauty of handmade. I'll be posting pieces on etsy as they're ready! Here's to all those kawaii fashionistas that need to have a Kawaiiology piece of jewelry in their collection!!

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