Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pasadena Open Market

Mekanikku at the Art+Design Open Market in Old Town Pasadena's  One Colorado
Had a super awesome time at the Art + Design Open Market yesterday in Old Town Pasadena. We had a great location that we were lucky to get, right in the corridor of Il Fornaio which was so shady and cool and perfect, and definitely the spot to be on such a warm sunny day. There were a lot of people stopping by our table, and thanks to everyone who came by and showed love for our stuff! The deer for the dear Japan drive were the hot item, and they sold the end of the event I only had one left! I loved seeing the looks of joy and happiness on the faces of the little girls whose moms bought the deer to give to them.  One little girl kept showing off her deer to people and saying, "This is my special stuffed animal!" I got a big kick out of that. And I'm so glad I was able to raise more money for Japan. It's definitely a good feeling to be able to help out. I also met a cool little girl who liked hanging out at my table because she said my table was the only one she liked. I'll be making her a special deer just for that with her favorite colors--yellow, blue and purple. For all of the harajuku lovers out there, you're in luck because I had forgotten to bring Akemi, the Harajuku deer, so she's still available on Etsy. Deerzilla is also available for all you Godzilla lovers.

I just got a message on Etsy asking me to make more hot pink ninja deer, so if anyone else is interested, please let me know!

So happy to have met so many wonderful people and art lovers, and we'll definitely be back for the next Open Market in the fall.

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