Thursday, March 31, 2011

Center for the Arts Art Auction

"Return to Innocence" Acrylic on Wood

This piece has been donated to the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts annual Art Auction, taking place this April 17 from 2-5pm. You can also see it on their Flickr site.
This painting is a continuation of the fairytale theme that I've recently been doing for my dolls, and I'm exploring the development of my characters in painting on flat surfaces instead of dimensional dolls. This character is my Little Red Fox Riding Hood character and I had also drawn a version of her with the wolf, but here I have her more painted more realistically instead of in a stylized simplified way. I wanted to create a very magical, almost mystical and mysterious looking environment, with a huge moon looming behind her and the rather tall, elegant and stylish deer. I usually put legwarmers on my girl characters, but this time I put them on the deer instead and had her barefoot, a sign of her carefree spirit and seemingly innocent quality.

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